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Computer Services

OS Installation

£30 / £50

macOS / Windows installation service for £30 or £50 if you don't have the OEM Windows Product Key.

We also install Windows on Mac. The operating systems can be switched at the start up by long pressing the "option" key. Training will be provided after the installation. We’re happy to visit you. For information regarding the site visit, please refer to Terms & Conditions page.

Office Installation


Microsoft Office for Windows PCs

Installation includes: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Antivirus Installation


Price includes installation up to 3 PCs for a year.

Why would you want an antivirus software installed?
Many people think you can only get malware by downloading suspicious files, running unpatched software or visiting the wrong websites. It's true, this is how most people pick up malware, but this is not the only way malware can spread. Your computer could be infected just from you visiting a website. Even if you only visit websites you trust, the website itself could be compromised.

Home Broadband Setup


Struggling to set up your home broadband?

We understand is not easy to set up the broadband when it arrives from your broadband provider. That’s why we’re here to help. We provide comprehensive home broadband set up at a time convenient to you. We will make sure your devices are connected to the Internet and you are ready to go.

Custom Build PC


Build a PC from starter entry-level all the way to fully over-clocked water-cooled gaming beasts!

Our knowledge, experience and understanding of how to build a PC that suits your needs which let you get that vital headshot.

PC LED Lighting


If you have a computer with a windowed side panel, you know that you want the PC to look nice and lit up. That's where LED lighting strips come in handy. LED lights are super bright and awesome.

With a ton of different colour options, you can make your computer match any style scheme you want. What is nice about LED strips is that they stick to any flat surface on the inside of your case and illuminate your motherboard or GPU.

Computer Health Check


The remote health check is provided without having you to bring in your computer. We check everything from malware to latest Windows updates as well as the latest drivers for the devices running on your computer.